All Cakes

Sometimes only a cake will do and for these occasions, we’ve got you covered! Our cakes bring layers of joy (and rich buttercream) to any occasion. From classics to show stopping centrepieces, all of our beautifully decorated cakes are made the old fashioned way: from scratch and with love.

Classic Cakes

These trusted favourites with surprising twists will leave you wanting MORE, MORE, MORE! Made just like mom’s, they are packed with the finest ingredients, made with love and made to order.
Please allow 48-hour lead time 

Celebration Cakes

Celebrate good times! Your birthday, your promotion, your baby shower or the fact that it’s Friday. We love a happy occasion and your kiddos will love our happy designs.
Please allow 72-hour lead time 

Fun Size Cakes

Our fun-sized cakes are the perfect size for tea with granny, smaller celebrations or as a sweet gift to your friends and family.
Please allow 48-hour lead time

Vegan Treats

No eggs, No dairy, no problem! We’ve set out to create a range that is plant based with all of the taste.
Please allow 96-hour lead time


Our cheesecakes and tarts features artisanal desserts made with high-quality ingredients, including classic New York-style cheesecakes, and innovative flavour combinations, all available for convenient online ordering.

Please allow 48-hour lead time