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Create lasting memories with your loved ones this holiday season with our delightful Gingerbread House Kit.

With our Royal Icing Premix, achieving a professional-looking finish is a breeze. Simply mix and apply to secure your gingerbread pieces together or add intricate designs. It’s the secret ingredient for picture-perfect results.

Ensure a stable and beautiful presentation for your creations with our sturdy Cake Board. It’s the perfect foundation to showcase your gingerbread house, making them truly stand out.

Add a touch of color and flavor with our assortment of candies. Enjoy 40g of Smarties, 40g and 60g of Jelly Tots, 40g of Skittles, and large Candy Canes. These vibrant treats are perfect for decorating your gingerbread creations and adding a playful touch.

Build cherished memories with your family and friends this holiday season as you create, decorate, and indulge in our Gingerbread House Kit. Let the magic of gingerbread fill your home with warmth and joy.